“I was disowned by my Indian family for being with an Afro-Trini”

“I was disowned by my Indian family for being with an Afro-Trini”

While the world battles the Coronavirus and Black Lives Matter protests have now taken centre stage in the U.S, it appears the issue of race still weighs heavily right here in sweet T&T.

Several citizens in Trinidad took the fight to Port-of-Spain, in front of the U.S Embassy to stand in solidarity with the rest of the world – to put a stop to police killings on the ‘African’ race.

However one protester, stood with a sign posing the question about interracial relationships being a major issue in T&T.

While this is not the current problem in the U.S; it has been talked about for years in Trinidad and Tobago.

The issue of mixed-races – Indo-Trinis vs Afro-Trinis and the outcome of the two races gelling together.

Today Izzso Media spoke with a young lady who is Indo-Trini and revealed that she was disowned by her both parents for being in a relationship with someone of African descent.

  • Mala (as her true identity will be private to protect her and her family).

Mala hails from Fyzabad, and revealed to us that she began a relationship with a young man, which her parents did not approve of – simply because he was not East Indian.

Mala said for one year she would hide to meet her boyfriend without her parents being aware of the relationship – she also revealed to us that when she began posting pictures of his friends they also had an issue with it.

She said after the second year of hiding she decided to tell her parents that she continued the relationship with the young man and wanted to bring him home to be introduced to the family.

Mala said she decided to leave her family home and be with her boyfriend as she felt “mentally enslaved”.

Sadly Mala left her home – however she was embraced by the young man’s family and welcomed to stay.

Something Mala said she has never regretted to this day, as she feels loved and is not afraid to be in an open relationship with someone of a different ethnic background.

It’s been three years now and Mala said she is happy but the relationship with her father has not been mended as he refuses to interact with her.



When asked about her siblings, Mala said her brother also does not approve of the relationship.