Hydrocarbon deposits detected at Gulfstream vessel off COVE, Tobago

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Hydrocarbon deposits detected at Gulfstream vessel off COVE, Tobago

Large deposits of hydrocarbons were seen drifting away from the Gulfstream vessel near Cove, Tobago on Wednesday.

The sighting led to an emergency meeting being held last evening, led by THA Chief Secretary, Farley Augustine.

The meeting included other THA officials, representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), THA’s Department of Marine Affairs, the TT Coast Guard and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management.

It is believed that the existing weather and sea conditions, inclusive of high tides and high wave swells, have disturbed the vessel, resulting in the hydrocarbon deposits.

The Energy Ministry continues to manage the operations for the de-inventory of hydrocarbons from the capsized vessel off the coast of Cove, Tobago.

The de-inventory process involves pumping hydrocarbons from the cargo tanks on the vessel to a temporary storage location at Cove, Tobago. Tanker trucks then transport the hydrocarbons from the temporary storage location to the Port of Scarborough, where it is transferred to a bunkering vessel. This vessel then journeys to Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad, where the hydrocarbons will be offloaded and stored in a storage tank.