Husband of viral ‘Karen’ fired from his job for racist video in San Francisco

Husband of viral ‘Karen’ fired from his job for racist video in San Francisco

The husband of a California “Karen,” whose real name is Lisa Alexander, called the police on a Filipino resident for stenciling “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on his own property, was fired from his job on Monday.

Robert Larkin was let go by wealth management company Raymond James after they caught wind of the viral footage.

On Monday, June 15, Raymond James released a statement on Twitter announcing that Larkin had been fired, confirming to KPIX 5 that Robert Larkin was no longer an employee.


The man, who ABC 7 News reported was Robert Larkin, accused San Francisco resident James Juanillo, who self-identified as a person of color in his original tweet, of vandalizing his own home.

In the video, Lisa Alexander claimed to know the owner of the building, which turned out to be a false claim according to Juanillo, and threatened to call the police. Juanillo recorded the incident and posted it to social media, later telling ABC 7 News that the police drove by his house, recognized him as a resident, and left.

In the video, Larkin can be seen standing behind his wife, recording the incident on his phone and asking Juanillo if he’s “defacing private property.” He continued to state, “you’re free to express your opinions, but not on private property.”