Husband of pregnant woman killed in POS seeks revenge

Husband of pregnant woman killed in POS seeks revenge

The partner of the pregnant woman who was killed in the Port-of-Spain protests on Tuesday is seeking ways to atone his partner’s death.

Thirty year-old Ornella Greaves was shot during an exchange between police and residents of Beetham Gardens.

She was taken to the hospital to be treated but succumbed to her injuries.

In a press release, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service confirmed that there was one casualty and that investigations are underway to determine the cause of her death.

When interviewed by TV6 on Tuesday night, the very emotional partner of Greaves explained that he tried to give Greaves blood while at the hospital.

He said Greaves was four months pregnant with his child, and that they have four children together.

He also had a stern warning for Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

Earlier in the day, a video began circulating on social media, showing a heated argument between police and residents in the area.

As the argument escalated, shots were fired.

When the smoke cleared, residents began to yell at officers as they discovered Greaves’ motionless body on the ground.

One eyewitness can be heard saying “is he, is he” while pointing to an officer.

Her body was removed from the scene before the video ended.

See video below: