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Hunters, Game Wardens on the hunt for Palo Seco jaguar

The rumours of a jaguar being seen in the Palo Seco are yet to be confirmed but the members of the Hunters Search and Rescue Team (HSRT) led by Shamsudeen Ayube are not leaving anything to chance.

The hunters, along with Game Wardens from the Forestry Division, conducted a series of searches yesterday and even observed several large paws of an animal which was also examined by the team.

The fresh paws were found along the bank of a river where a large cat, believed to be a jaguar, was seen feasting on the carcass of a pig over the weekend.

The HSRT has since called on other hunters from the area to participate in finding the big cat.

Hunters can contact the group at 477 2031.

The Ministry of Agriculture confirmed in a press release the presence of paw prints.

The ministry revealed that they are working closely with the Zoological Society and its experts to accurately classify the prints.

They assured the public that they will provide updates on the situation, with officers remaining vigilant and responsive to confirmed reports.

To assist in the investigation, members of the public were encouraged to contact the Wildlife Section of the Forestry Division if they have any information regarding illegal animals.

The Ministry of Agriculture reaffirmed its dedication to addressing the issue and maintaining the well-being of Trinidad’s wildlife and ecosystem.

As experts analyse the collected data and paw prints, the question of the jaguar’s presence in the Los Charos forests remains unanswered.