Hundreds returning in time for Christmas

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Hundreds returning in time for Christmas

Hundreds of nationals from high and medium-risk countries have been granted border exemptions and are set to return home over the coming days.

Principal Medical Officer Dr Maryam Abdool-Richards, speaking at Wednesday’s media briefing, said “It is important to note that we have three repatriation exercises scheduled for the next 5-6 days. This evening (yesterday), we have a repatriation exercise of approximately 132 persons from New York City. On December 18th, we have another repatriation exercise with persons from Barbados and yet another exercise on the 19th from Miami.”

Another exercise has also been planned to repatriate nationals from Canada.

Dr Abdool-Richards said the country’s state quarantine facilities are currently at 75 per cent and the repatriation of returning nationals as per the Ministry of Health’s policy, is dependent on the availability of spaces in the state and state-supervised quarantine facilities.

She said currently there are 13 state and state-supervised quarantine facilities, two facilities reserved for high-risk populations and those unable to self-isolate.

According to the Ministry’s quarantine policy, those arriving would be required to quarantine for six days in state or state-supervised facilities then tested on the sixth day, followed by a seven-day home isolation period under state monitoring and surveillance.