Hundreds celebrate J’Ouvert in Mt D’or

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Hundreds celebrate J’Ouvert in Mt D’or

While the country has been under strict COVID-19 health regulations since 2020, which prohibits citizens from gathering in large numbers, hosting fetes, and or partying, residents in Mt D’or staged J’Ouvert celebrations within their community along the streets on Sunday morning.

Video surfacing online showed residents covered in mud, paint and consuming alcohol along with a live DJ.

Several videos also showed of residents dancing and without the use of masks or socially distanced.

In other videos residents can be seen running along the road after police eventually arrived.

The Public Health Ordinance – Coronavirus Regulations states –

For the period set out in regulation 19, persons shall not gather in any public place where the persons therein exceed ten persons at a time.
4. (1) For the purposes of controlling and preventing the spread of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), it shall be an offence, during the period specified in regulation 19, for any person to–
(a) be found at or in any mud volcano or mud pools for recreational purposes;
(b) operate a party boat, boat tour or nightclub;
(c) hold public parties or public fete