Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding in Ethiopia’s Tigray: UNHCR


Humanitarian Crisis Unfolding in Ethiopia’s Tigray: UNHCR

The United Nations said Friday fighting is ongoing in several parts of northern Tigray despite victory statements by the Ethiopian federal government.

The UN says the development is complicating its efforts to bring aid to the northern Ethiopian region. Spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Addis Ababa, Saviano Abreu described the situation as ‘’worrying and complex’’.

Tigray has been cut off from supplies since November 4th. The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent federal army to attack forces of the ruling TPLF in the region.

On Wednesday, the UN signed a deal with the Ethiopian government and gained unrestricted access to the region to provide badly needed humanitarian relief.

Inside Tigray, and among the majority ethnic Tigrayan refugees in Sudan, people are exhausted.

“The world hasn’t seen anything like this year. I have never seen anything like this,” said one refugee who gave his name as Danyo, standing on the edge of a river that people on Tuesday were crossing to seek safety.

“When Dr. Abiy came, we saw him as a good thing,” he said. “Our hopes were fulfilled, because his talk in the beginning was as sweet as honey, but now the honey has gone sour.”

A week ago, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed claimed victory. He said that military operation was successful, adding that the fighting was over after capturing the regional capital of Mekele.

Four weeks of fighting has forced some 45,500 people to flee to neighboring Sudan. And an unknown number of men, women and children have been displaced inside Tigray.