Hughes to reappear in court August 22; hopes to leave TT today

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Hughes to reappear in court August 22; hopes to leave TT today

Canadian YouTuber Christopher ‘Chris Must List’ Hughes will have his sedition case heard before acting Chief Magistrate Christine Charles on August 23, when the matter comes up for a case-management hearing.

This was revealed during his virtual appearance before the acting chief magistrate yesterday.

However, in the interim, Hughes hopes to return to his home and leave TT as early as today.

He was charged with sedition following the release of videos showing men in the country who professed to be in gangs.

The offence has a maximum sentence of a $3,000 fine or two years’ imprisonment.

Hughes has pleaded not guilty and is currently out on bail set at $100,000.

He is being represented by a team of attorneys including Pamela Elder SC, Anand Ramlogan SC, and Russel Warner.

The State is being represented by attorney Danielle Thompson.

During the hearing, the court was informed that the State had yet to receive the full file on the matter from the complainant (the charging officer).

Thompson indicated she expects to receive these documents by next week.

Once this is done, statements will have to be sworn. The court was informed that this process should be completed by July 22.

The defence was then given until August 19 to give evidential objections, defence statements, and notices of legal submissions.

The court was also informed that Hughes’ passport was never taken from the Registry, as he had not left the country.

Hughes indicated he was hoping to return to Canada today.

However, the return of his passport was not addressed during the hearing, as the court informed Hughes that an application for his passport would have to be made at the High Court and that his attorneys would treat with this process.

A request was also made for the electronic equipment taken from Hughes during the course of the investigation be returned to him.

The matter is expected to be recalled on August 23.