Huge increase in student registration fees at UTT

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Huge increase in student registration fees at UTT

Student registration fees at the University of T&T (UTT) have significantly increased ahead of the new academic year in September.

According to reports, fees have increased from $440 to $1,200 forcing students to voice their concerns via social media saying the increase was unreasonable and comes at a time where many people are already struggling to make ends meet.

UTT chair, Professor Clement Imbert, said: “It is a huge increase percentage-wise, but it is not a large amount of money in absolute terms.”
The last time UTT increased this fee was 12 years ago.

In an interview with the Newsday, he said they are willing to compromise and work with the student body to set up payment options that would not be a burden on their already-stretched pockets.

Imbert added, “We have had to expend plenty more money in terms of support for online teaching and that has cost us a lot of money in paying for the license fees, which allowed us to set up the technology platform and secure other support for them online.”

“It is not a problem for us to work out a payment option or extend payment deadlines spread over a period of time so it would not be as burdensome on the students who want to continue their education.”

UTT Student’s Guild and officials from UTT are expected to meet at 9 am this morning to discuss the matter.