Huawei’s Global Seeds for the Future Programme goes Online


Huawei’s Global Seeds for the Future Programme goes Online

Global ICT solutions provider, Huawei, has bolstered its commitment to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training in Trinidad and Tobago by announcing the launch of its Seeds for the Future
programme for the 5th consecutive year in this country.

The top ICT and engineering students from the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) will soon be able to apply for the programme, which is now online due to Covid-19.
Since the local launch in 2016, over 30 students from both universities have been sent to China on a two-week study programme, after being rigorously selected to participate. This year, although there will be no international travel to China, the UWI and UTT STEM students will be able to apply for the exciting training opportunity set to take
place, online, from October 19 – 23, 2020. Twenty students will be selected for the 2020 edition of the Seeds for the Future programme, which Huawei first launched globally 12 years ago to help address a worldwide need for increased ICT talent. This is twice the number of students who  participated in last year’s programme.


Explaining Huawei T&T’s commitment to continuing the Seeds for the Future in 2020 despite the Covid-19 challenge, Huawei T&T Chief Executive Officer Jeff Jin said:

“Given the challenges and urgent demands that the global Covid-19 pandemic is placing on ICT companies all over the world, the Seeds for the Future 2020 programme has taken on a new urgency and significance. I expect it will transcend previous years in the insights it gives students about how vital ICT is to the world and how personally and professionally rewarding and fulfilling a career in ICT can be. I hope students will not only be able to learn from Huawei, but also be fired up and inspired to use what they learn to help T&T, when they see the breathtaking scope
of innovation and applications of ICT taking place to address the needs of society  during this crisis.”

He added: “I expect that students will be exposed to the cutting-edge, innovative solutions Huawei has developed to assist the world in conquering Covid-19. These range from AI-assisted diagnostics and emergency hospital solutions to online learning platforms and cloud computing applications. It also includes the creation of robust networks to support skyrocketing demand for e-services and e-commerce, as well as unprecedented demands for high quality connectivity from urban and rural communities worldwide to address their work and recreation needs at home.”

In many countries, there are huge gaps between what is taught in classrooms and the skills required in the real world. In addition, despite a huge shortage of ICT professionals, many young people are unable to find jobs. This mismatch between talent supply and demand hinders economic and social progress and creates serious
social problems. Additionally, with the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become clearer that ICT professionals are essential to helping find solutions to global issues as we navigate the “new normal”.

Through the Seeds for the Future programme, Huawei is helping to resolve these issues by selecting the best applicants in ICT, Engineering and Mathematics studies and providing them with a rare opportunity to learn from and engage with the world’s best ICT professionals. Students are exposed to the very latest in established
and emerging technologies, discuss industry hot topics and learn about the truly amazing breadth of job and entrepreneurial opportunities available to persons with ICT skills. The 2020 Online Programme kicked off in July in the UK, with participation from  utstanding students from more than 20 of the country’s top universities.

According to Huawei T&T Public Relations Manager Tricia Henry:

“As the successful T&T students tour Huawei’s IT labs, interact with Huawei’s IT professionals and learn more about the technology – they will be doing so virtually, using that very technology to stay safe and socially distant without sacrificing the opportunity to accelerate and deepen their knowledge of the industry. We have also introduced the award of prizes to top performing students in the programme this year.”

She added: “Applicants must be 18-28 years old; be undergraduates in their final year at UWI or UTT; belong to either the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, School of Computing or School of Engineering; and major in disciplines relating to information technology, computer science, telecommunications,
engineering or mathematics. Students can soon check their Faculty office or Department Head for more information on the application process for this five-day programme.”

Through the global Seeds for the Future programme, Huawei has worked with over 500 universities and the programme has benefited 5,773 students in 127 countries and Regions as at the end of 2019.