Huawei planting the Seeds for TT’s Future; selects 20 students for ICT training

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Huawei planting the Seeds for TT’s Future; selects 20 students for ICT training

There will be no international travel to China this year, but the 20 students chosen to participate in Huawei’s flagship ‘Seeds for the Future’ programme, will still be exposed to the cutting-edge, innovative solutions that Huawei is known for.

The 20 students who were rigorously selected to participate, hail from the STEM programmes at the UWI and UTT and begin their exciting training from October 19 to October 23, 2020.

Seeds for the Future 2020 was officially launched on Monday morning via a virtual event.

The program aims to develop skilled, local ICT talent and bridge communication between countries and cultures.

Opening the launch was Group Corporate Vice President, Mark Xue.

Speaking from Mexico, Mr. Xue congratulated the 20 students selected and said this programme, which is in its fifth year in Trinidad and Tobago, will certainly contribute to the ICT development in this country.

He said according to the predictions, the global digital economy will earn 23 trillion US dollars by 2025, so ICT and the digitalisation have become crucial growth engines for all countries.

Mr. Xue said “In the Latin American and Caribbean region, Huawei has supported more than 600 students from 20 countries, to attend leading ICT training at Huawei headquarters.
During the pandemic, Huawei has been working closely with all its partners across the whole region.

“We are supporting digital education together with our partner UNESCO and the government authorities, as well as paving efforts in the acceleration of the national digital transformation.
Huawei is committed to supporting the ICT development and digital economy by investing in young talent and creating a collaborative eco system.”

Mr. Xue encouraged this year’s Seeds for the Future participants to enjoy the five days online and assured them that they will contribute to their country.

Huawei T&T Chief Executive Officer Jeff Jin, used the opportunity to encourage more young people to become involved in STEM careers, especially more women.
“We want to use that ICT talent for the development of not just the technology and telecom sector, but also the growth of the local economy.
“We expect these young minds to use what they have learned in the Seeds of the Future Program, to develop technology solutions that will help T&T on the journey to digital transformation.”

Mr. Jin added that “In our 5th year of the Seeds for the Future in T&T and in 2020, the global health pandemic has caused us to change the way we do things.
“So now, our Seeds For the Future will go online this year and we are committed to continuing to working together with the universities, government and all the key stakeholders, to ensure our best and brightest STEM students of T&T will be building cutting edge technology and hands on experiences of the latest ICT transformations.”

Mr. Jin said they are planting the seeds today, for a fully connected and intelligent Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow.”

UWI Vice Chancellor, Prof. Brian Copeland, who also spoke at the virtual launch, said “Covid-19 has put digital transformation on the priority agenda of every single organisation throughout the world.”
He said the ICT student who can rise above the current challenges, will find that she or he will also be a much sought after commodity.

He said “We at the University of the West Indies are therefore pleased to once again partner with Huawei in an initiative that builds our human capital. An initiative such as this one takes our students further along the path to being the game changers that the country and the Caribbean desperately need.”

Mr. Copeland added “Initiatives such as this, will always have the support of the UWI. They are vital for giving our students the needed exposure to combine their work in the classroom with real world experiences.”

According to Huawei T&T Public Relations Manager Tricia Henry, “As the successful T&T students tour Huawei’s IT labs, interact with Huawei’s IT professionals and learn more about the technology – they will be doing so virtually, using that very technology to stay safe and socially distant without sacrificing the opportunity to accelerate and deepen their knowledge of the industry.”

From The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine Campus
• Jeremy Baksh – Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Romario Chung – Computer Science (Special)
• David Aaron Deonarine – Computer Science with Management (Special)
• Casey Forde – Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Stephen Ghool – Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Rebecca Gibbon – Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Katherine Lue Attin – Industrial Engineering
• Kalyani Mathura – Industrial Engineering
• Brandon Mohammed – Computer Science, Physics
• Raeanne Ramharrack – Computer Science (Special)
• Neera Ramsubhag – Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Kevin Sankar – Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Timothy Singh – Computer Science (Special)

From The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)
• Matthew Edwards – Software Engineering
• Rajiv Ganesh – Software Engineering
• Antonio Ganesh Sammy – Software Engineering
• Ronaldo Henry – Network and Telecommunications Engineering
• Aaron Maynard – Software Engineering
• Quinn Sambrano – Software Engineering
• Deven Ramlochan – Network and Telecommunications