How does the Coronavirus Attack the human body?

How does the Coronavirus Attack the human body?

“When covered with sugars, these viruses are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing“said Max Crispin, professor at the University of Southampton and lead author of the new study on Covid-19 that they published on the website of the British educational institute.

He SARS-CoV-2, a new coronavirus causing the Covid-19 disease pandemic, has a spike-shaped protein.

Those numerous spikes they serve the virus to embed them in human cells and infiltrate each other.

In addition, the peaks of SARS-Cov-2 are coated with sugars or glycans that camouflage protein of the virus to trick the immune system’s defenses.

“One of the key findings of our study is that, despite how much sugar there is, this coronavirus is not as highly protected as some other viruses,” said Crispin, so they were able to describe the structure of the virus to find its accessibility.

“Other viruses like HIV, which stay in a Guest, they have to constantly evade the immune system and have a really dense layer of glycans as a shield for the immune system, “continued the scientist.

This is why the “best shield” of the new coronavirus is that it is a ‘hit and run’ virus, which moves from one person to another“

In other words, the ability to infect is what keeps the virus active.