Hosein warns public servants not to take “chain up from gov’t”

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Hosein warns public servants not to take “chain up from gov’t”

Barataria/San Juan MP Saddam Hosein said that just like his opposition leader, he also believes that the investigations into the Auditor General’s report concerning understated revenue is “a sham” and he is urging public servants not to allow government officials to bully them.

Speaking at a UNC press conference in Chaguanas on Sunday, (May 12), Hosein said: “Every time something goes wrong in this country, they set up a committee, they set up investigations and what happens? You think this investigation will take us any further?”

He said it must be determined whether the updated public accounts were backdated as this could be grounds for charges of fraud and misbehaviour in public office.

“I’m warning public servants, do not take chain up from this government. You have a responsibility to the people of TT and to comply with the law.

“Just like how the Auditor General is standing her ground, we implore all public servants not to be bullied…”

He added he has seen a “concerted effort to harass and bully” public servants and told the government not to use the “cloak of parliamentary privilege to attack public officials.”

He said this is a “grave” issue being faced by the country.