Hosein says PM’s sedition accusation against UNC leader is foolishness

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Hosein says PM’s sedition accusation against UNC leader is foolishness

Opposition MP Saddam Hosein has questioned the Prime Minister’s motives for accusing the UNC leader of appealing for another coup, which he described as foolishness!

In a social media post on Sunday, Hosein the Prime Minister took to Facebook and basically accused the Opposition Leader of inciting a coup d’état.

Hosein said he read the media release of the Opposition Leader on Saturday and he didn’t draw that conclusion.

He said “I was compelled to re-read the Media Release because I thought the Prime Minister and myself didn’t read the same release. Again, I still didn’t form that view as the Prime Minister.”

Hosein said an explanation for his reasoning could be:
“The Prime Minister maybe woke up late today so while scrolling through Facebook he saw the Ministry of National Security sent out 2 Media Releases (a few minutes apart) stating that an undisclosed number of Pfizer vaccines will be donated to TT.”

He added “The release didn’t tell us: How many vaccines will arrive? Who will get the vaccine? Why didn’t Amery (Browne) or Terrence (Deyalsingh) announce this? Does (Fitzgerald) Hinds know what is happening? Why are they sending syringes when we have one million syringes?

Hosein further pondered whether the PM may have continued scrolling through Facebook and saw an article relating to an exemption granted to the daughter of the Attorney General. Several questions were asked relating to the granting of this exemption and whether there was any favouritism in the granting of the exemption. These questions remained unanswered.”

According to Hosein, in a desperate need of a distraction, the PM saw the Opposition leader’s release.