Homeland Security Director advises women to “arm yourself”

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Homeland Security Director advises women to “arm yourself”

Director of Homeland Security and Cyber Security Initiatives, Garvin Heerah is calling on women to purchase security devices to protect themselves.

His advice comes on the heels of the murder of Andrea Bharatt, and a recent abduction attempt in Arima, in which a woman slashed the face of her would-be kidnapper.

In an interview with GML, Heerah said “Our country is facing an immense scenario where the daughters of our nation are under threat. It is extremely important for women to take precautions and exercise vigilance.”

He said women must begin to put up a line of defence against men because of continued attacks.
He suggested utilising security devices, location indicators, alert and panic apps on their smartphones.

Heerah also stated that “Women may need to start travelling with a companion and if possible, even though it might be a little expensive, utilize the private transport services, legitimate ones that can do safe drop-offs and pickups.” And, he called on the business community to provide safe transportation for women who work the graveyard shifts.

Heerah, speaking directly to women, said “Arm yourself, you will be surprised to know how a nail file that is aimed at the right position or a sharpened instrument can do in a defensive situation.”