Hollywood’s  Wealthiest Donates Millions to Fight COVID-19

Hollywood’s Wealthiest Donates Millions to Fight COVID-19

Director and producer Steven Spielberg and several other Hollywood figures responded to the call from Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, and announced significant donations in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The money will go to low-income workers, health care workers and the poorest people in the city of Los Angeles who do not have the financial resources to seek treatment.

Other personalities have also made significant donations, new commitments of half a million dollars each from Willow Bay and Bob Iger, from Marilyn and Jeffrey Katzenberg, from Kate Capshaw, from Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman, from Meg Whitman and Griffith Harsh, and from Casey and Laura Wasserman,” Garcetti revealed.

“Each of whom is leading with deep generosity three million dollars more towards our goal of $25 million to help healthcare worker have childcare, and seniors to have meals, and the least among us to be able to eat and pay our bills,” he added.

Currently under Safer at Home orders, the city and LA County are already seeing many hospitals and medical facilities overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. Additionally, a lag in much needed federal support, a lack of adequate testing and supplies for healthcare workers has intensified an already fragile and potentially fatal situation.

With New York the current epicentre of the coronavirus, LA is expected to get its first full-on hit in the next 10 days, even with hopes to flatten the curve.

Long big charitable and political donors, the latest gift by the Disney Executive Chairman, the Oscar winning director, the Quibi boss comes as Tinseltown reels from COVID-19 causing productions to be halted, layoffs and pay cuts and an age of uncertainty.

“I thank these pillars of our community who stand together to help the most disadvantaged,” said the mayor at a press conference. In this way, we can help those left behind by the federal government who remain human beings despite their uncertain migration status. ” said Garcetti.