Hinds: We win some, we lose some

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Hinds: We win some, we lose some

Deputy leader and Youth Development Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, said the PNM had expected to hold three seats in the Local Government election, including Arima Central.

However, that was not the case last night, as the UNC pulled a shocker and left the PNM with just Hollywood and Alyce Glenn/Morne Coco.

Hinds, speaking following the news, said “we win some we lose some, we’ve been there before. What we do after is a post-mortem to see our strengths and soft spots and use our experience to examine things whether it means rearranging people or policy.”

Hinds said the party “is a very experienced political outfit” which has contested all elections in TT since its birth in 1956.

He said the PNM will review what happened in Arima Central “in terms of a post mortem to see what might have caused that result that we experienced and take action to rectify that in the quickest possible time.”

He said Loubon Legendre made “tremendous inroads” in Hindustan/St Mary’s and the party was pleased with her performance.