Hinds warns criminals against breaking the law for Carnival

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Hinds warns criminals against breaking the law for Carnival

Criminals have been warned to think twice before trying to commit an offence this Carnival season.

The warning comes from National Security Minister, Fitzgerald Hinds.

Following the handing over ceremony of 100 new vehicles to the T&T Police Service and the T&T Defence Force at the Vehicle Management Corporation of T&T (VMCOTT), Beetham, Laventille, Hinds told media that he was confident the police were more than capable of treating with criminals.

He said several operations were already underway and warned law-breakers that criminality would not be tolerated.

“I want them to hear the voice of the Commissioner of Police. I want them to take note of the fact that the 10,000 officers of the T&T Police Service, well-trained, well-motivated, confident and will continue in accordance with the laws that govern them, stand in defence of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, supported, of course, by the Defence Force,” Hinds said.

“I am told from a briefing I had only yesterday, we have begun air, sea and land operations to make sure this space is safe not only for Carnival but going forward and I am aware, as Minister of National Security, bar all the shouting, of the intricate and intimate details of the work that is taking place.”

Hinds said he will take part in the annual Carnival Tuesday walkabout alongside Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher and Chief of Defence Staff Air Vice Marshall Darryl Daniel.

He said he also intends to play mas after the inspection.

“I’ll have my costume somewhere in the back of my car, so once we are finished that work, I will then join in the multitudes and do a little bit of playing which I am entitled to, you will agree,” he said.

“Because I can tell you without patting my own back, I work for this country and I am proud to say so.”