Hinds wants church choirs to sing with masks on

Hinds wants church choirs to sing with masks on

Epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds is advocating that members of church choirs practice wearing face masks, even while in song.

During the Ministry of Health’s virtual COVID-19 update on Wednesday, Hinds was informed that choir members of some churches were not adhering to public health protocols and were observed not wearing masks or practicing physical distancing.

He said “In any instance where there are individuals gathered for a church service or for any other indoor setting, and physical distancing is not being observed or masks not being worn in any of those settings, you’re increasing the risk of transmission, and especially in the church setting where the church-going population tends to already come from the more senior end of the age spectrum, you’re putting a more vulnerable group of individuals at higher risk by not adhering, so this is a good opportunity to encourage all to adhere to all the guidelines.”

Hinds pointed out that failing to comply with the guidelines exposes members of the congregation, especially the elderly, to a greater level of risk.