Hinds shuts down rumours, denies having COVID19

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Hinds shuts down rumours, denies having COVID19

New National Security Minister, Fitzgerald Hinds says he is fit and well and does not have COVID19.

In a facebook post this afternoon, Hinds thanked God for his great health and declared loudly that “I am fit and well. I have neither flu nor flu-like symptoms. I am as strong as the Lion of Judah!”

Hinds made the comment in light of rumours circulating on social media.

He said he had his first shot last Saturday and thankfully had none of the reactions that many persons report.

“I wear my mask. I sanitize regularly and generally follow the guidance of the experts. It has so far worked for me. I am aware that like every other mortal, I am susceptible, but so far, that virus has stayed far from me, as I stay in prayer and far from those who wish me harm. I am not in isolation. I am at my office in the Ministry of National Security getting the people’s work done as I write this correction. I am not COVID afflicted and I have only Jah to praise. I commiserate with those who are affected and I resolve to work harder to protect all of us. Selah!