UPDATE: High waves and rainfall trigger flooding at Maracas Beach

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UPDATE: High waves and rainfall trigger flooding at Maracas Beach

The CEO of the Urban Development Corporation of T&T (UDECOTT), the agency that oversees the Maracas Beach facility, has denied claims that the flooding that occurred in the carpark and along the North Coast Road on Monday, was due to the river being choked.

Instead, Tamika Charles-Phillips, stated that the hazardous sea alert issued by the Meteorological Services of T&T three days ago coupled with the heavy downpours triggered the flooding.

On Saturday, the Met Office warned of large breaking waves near 3.5 metres in height due to long swells along the north coastlines until Wednesday. It also advised of dangerous rip currents.

Charles-Phillips said “We man the facility and I could say there is some flooding. However, there is no choking of the river because of the high tide, and of course, with the flooding, the river comes back into the sea. So, there is only so much…with the high tide the river can run off.”

Charles-Phillips said UDECOTT has a team looking into the matter and they will try to alleviate the issue as best as they can.

However, she noted there was little UDECOTT can do with high waves and heavy rainfall.

Charles-Phillip assured that once the water recedes the problem will be rectified.