High Court Judge stops repatriation of Venezuelan woman

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High Court Judge stops repatriation of Venezuelan woman

High Court judge, Justice Avason Quinlan-Williams has ordered the State not to take steps to remove a Venezuelan women from the jurisdiction until she hears and determines the woman’s claims for constitutional redress.

The order on Tuesday comes three days after a deportation order was issued for the woman by National Security Minister Stuart Young.

Her team of attorneys, led by Gerald Ramdeen, filed an application for interim relief seeking to prevent her repatriation.

The woman was part of a group of mainly women and children who returned to Trinidad two days after they were escorted out of TT waters by the Coast Guard in November.

Quinlan-James deemed the matter to be fit and requiring the court’s urgent attention.

The woman had previously sought, and received, an extension of a previous order to prevent the State from sending her back to Venezuela.