Heritage responds to oil spill in Guayaguayare

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Heritage responds to oil spill in Guayaguayare

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited said it responded to a report of hydrocarbons observed in the Guayaguayare Field, on Saturday 11th February 2023.

The source of the leak was identified, and the 10-inch trunk pipeline was repaired using a pipeline clamp.

The Corporate Communications Unit at Heritage said the identified leak was not in close proximity to nor has it impacted any populated communities. Heritage’s Oil Spill Response Team immediately mobilised resources for containment and recovery of the spilled hydrocarbons, and commencement of restoration of the impacted area. Wildlife surveillance and rescue crews were also deployed to survey and assess the area.

“In keeping with its oil spill response protocols, Heritage also continues to undertake intermittent air quality testing within the affected area. Levels continue to read within acceptable parameters.”

Heritage also said the incident was reported to the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries (MEEI) and the environmental Management Authority (EMA).