Heerah to the TTPS: Don’t allow criminals to feel they are in control!

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Heerah to the TTPS: Don’t allow criminals to feel they are in control!

There is enough information available to bring the illegal gun trade under control.

This is according to former head of the National Operations Centre Commander Garvin Heerah.

He said that the TTPS need to move from taking the guns away from those who obtained them illegally to preventing them from coming into the country.


Speaking on the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102 Digital this morning, he said that there needs to be a ‘shirt and tie’ approach to the issue, explaining that those who are responsible for the movement of illegal weaponry are sitting in offices not on the ground.

He said the homicide statistics are alarming. He acknowledged that there are stop guards being employed by the TTPS however he said more needs to be done.

The crime expert said there is a false sense of empowerment among criminals and the police service must respond according.

Mr Heerah said now is not the time for fear but a firm response from the police service who must demonstrate who is in charge and control.

Take the fight back to the country and do not allow gangs, bandits and criminals to feel they are in control Mr Heerah said.

Mr Heerah said regardless of who is in charge of the Police Service the approach must be one which is focused and designed to bring positive results.