Heerah: Police need ‘surgical’ approach to removing killers from society, after 8 killed in one day

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Heerah: Police need ‘surgical’ approach to removing killers from society, after 8 killed in one day

Wednesday 14th July, 2021 was a bloody day – with eight murders recorded within hours of each other.

Police suspect gang violence or gang warfare and former director of the National Operations Centre, Garvin Heerah is calling on the police to take a ‘surgical’ approach to removing these killers from society.

Heerah told GML “the blatant disregard for life and law enforcement shown by the criminals need to be reigned in as residents of these communities are fearful about going about their daily lives.”

He said all arms of law enforcement and intelligence agencies need to work together to ensure this crime spree is stopped.

He said he was happy to hear Deputy Commissioner, Mc Donald Jacobs announce that patrols would be increased within the Arima and St Augustine districts, where the murders occurred.

Heerah said, “There would be a high visibility (of police), this should bring some sort of deterrent but this is also a time where we would expect now that all of our intelligence services would be working in synergy towards this situation, so that we can have some predictive intelligence and some proactive information gathering so that intelligence can lead to some very strong surgical-type police or law enforcement operation.”

“Because here we are seeing the perpetrators would have gone to areas that are closely knit for instance in that St Augustine area, people live very close and to get to certain individuals and to take these people out, they were in fact operating under surgical types of hits.”

Heerah said ordinary citizens cannot deal with a crime spree in the middle of a pandemic, as citizens are already stressed as it, trying to make ends meet.