Health Ministry: “No truth to claim of missing COVID-19 vaccines”

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Health Ministry: “No truth to claim of missing COVID-19 vaccines”

The Ministry of Health is advising the population there is a robust process in place to monitor the use of COVID-19 vaccines.

The Ministry strongly denies the allegation that COVID-19 vaccines are missing from the Couva District Health Facility.

In a media release this afternoon the Ministry said Chief Executive Officer of the South West Regional Health Authority, Dr. Brian Armour, Chief Executive Officer stated “there is absolutely no truth to the claim of missing COVID-19 vaccines.”

The release said this allegation was brought to my attention yesterday by staff of the facility.

Subsequent investigations were conducted and proved that this was false.”

The Ministry said the CEO indicated that the health facilities “conduct daily reconciliations of vaccines and there has been no discrepancy in the COVID-19 vaccine stock.”

It said additionally, Regional Health Authorities provide a stock balance report of COVID-19 vaccines to the Ministry of Health after their daily reconciliation exercise.  

As part of the Ministry’s standard vaccine inventory management protocol, independent audits of the COVID-19 vaccine inventory will be undertaken every two weeks at the Designated COVID-19 Vaccination Facilities.

It said this process has already been initiated.

The Ministry assured the public the highest level of integrity and accountability are applied to all public health operations.