Health Minister urges young people to get vaccinated

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Health Minister urges young people to get vaccinated

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh is urging young people to get vaccinated. Minister Deyalsingh lamented the slow rate of Covid-19 vaccinations in Trinidad and Tobago.
The daily vaccination rate has slowed to almost half of the 15,000 that were being vaccinated two weeks ago.

The minister begged younger eligible people, in particular, to get vaccinated. He said internationally, people between the ages of 20 and 40 who feel they are invincible are now paying a heavy price because of the Delta variant.

Nine people died on Thursday according to the Health Ministry’s update yesterday, with 183 new infections. 30 people were hospitalised in 24 hours, with the numbers increasing from 309 to 339. There have been 1110 deaths from the virus in T&T as of Thursday 04th August.

Vaccines are easily accessible at numerous locations throughout the country, but people are trickling to the sites as vaccine fear and hesitancy pervade.

The Minister said that about half the vaccine supply is still available and it’s critical that persons come forward to be vaccinated.

Deyalsingh said at present , close to 150,000 people over 60 have been vaccinated and now for the younger population to ensure they and the population are vaccinated and protected.

He said: “I am urging the younger people to get vaccinated. It is now those persons under 60 who need to step up or else they are going to pay a heavy price with this Delta variant as we have seen internationally,”.

The minister is also warning that dark days will come if people are not protected, especially with the inevitable arrival of the Delta variant in Trinidad and Tobago.