HDC working on mitigation measures for flood hit developments

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HDC working on mitigation measures for flood hit developments

On the heels of the flooding at its Real Springs development in Valsayn and Riverdale, and Harmony Hall in Gasparillo, the Housing Development Corporation, (HDC), has now assured that mitigation measures will be put in place.

HDC chairman, Noel Garcia, in a GML interview, said the measures are of similar nature to what they put in place in the Greenvale area after its disastrous floods in 2018.

He said the HDC has over 600 developments throughout Trinidad and Tobago and admitted that only recently, three of those developments suffered some type of flooding. He, however, made it clear that the recent floods had nothing to do with poor infrastructural work or any other fault by the HDC.

Garcia said: “In Real Springs, we intend to do sluice gates and pumps and that is part of our overall master plan that the ministry is working on in conjunction with the Latin American Development Bank.”

He pointed out, “The original development, Real Springs, is 50 years old and this time here, thousands of people were flooded out and those people were never flooded before… This was unprecedented rainfall.”