Hazardous Seas Alert In Effect

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Hazardous Seas Alert In Effect

A hazardous seas alert is in effect.

It is expected to come to an end at 2pm on April 9th, 2024.

At 8am Thursday it was issued.

The Met Service says long period swells are likely to coincide with spring tides as well as a surge of low-level winds.

This can result in choppy sea conditions and battering waves at coastal regions which can be exacerbated during high tides.

Marine interests, mainly nearshore activities including fishing, sea bathing and small craft mooring can be adversely affected.

All marine interests should monitor sea conditions and exercise caution.

Limit marine activities where possible.

Fisher folk are advised to take the necessary precautions in securing their vessels.

Continue to monitor updates from official sites: TTMS at www.metoffice.gov.tt and access more information and instructions from www.