Haynes slams Rowley’s Friday Night Lime

Haynes slams Rowley’s Friday Night Lime

Anita Haynes, UNC’s PRO and candidate for Tabaquite, has slammed a planned event by the Prime Minister and accused him of having Trinidad and Tobago’s best interests at the bottom of his priorities.

Speaking Thursday night at the UNC’s virtual campaign meeting, she drew reference to an online announcement, that Dr Keith Rowley would be hosting a Friday Night Lime, where he will meet and speak with guests.

Haynes found the event to be out of timing, saying “Imagine in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of an economic crisis and now a tropical storm, Keith Rowley has just announced he would be liming tomorrow (Friday).

She added “Don’t worry, we are just 18 days away from giving Keith Rowley enough time to lime
“Let’s be honest, he spent the last five years liming while people were suffering.”