Haynes questions government’s liberalisation of the fuel market

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Haynes questions government’s liberalisation of the fuel market

Government’s handling of the energy sector has been roundly criticised by the MP for Tabaquite, Anita Haynes.

During the Opposition’s media conference on Sunday, Haynes questioned the liberalisation of the fuel market by asking: “Are we going to benefit from competition and have a truly liberal market? Where will the competitors come from? Will NP be an active player? Will it become a bulk oil distributor? Parts of its fleet are already outsourced.

She believes “Even though it is supposed to be paid by the retailers, I’m sure it would be built into the price paid at the pump. The funds collected through the levy should be put directly into infrastructure improvement.

Haynes added “It is ludicrous to talk about the fuel market when you’re being asked to drive on half a road. Spend it in a way that citizens can see the benefit. Government has been unable to say how citizens will benefit from this, but arbitrarily say they will see lower prices. If you’re going to enact a new policy, come with all the details up front. Making it up as you go along will not suffice.”