Haniff Benjamin: Teach parents how to protect their children!

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Haniff Benjamin: Teach parents how to protect their children!

Concern from members of the public on the treatment of children in T&T has led to calls for their protection.

The recent tragedy of the murder of six-year-old Kylie Maloney and the incident involving a thirteen-year-old boy who was stabbed in his eye while trying to defend his mother during an argument in San Juan on Sunday morning have led to calls for adults to be more responsible.

Yesterday during the TTPS media briefing Head of the Special Victims Unit of the T&T Police Service, Sr Supt Claire Guy-Alleyne has told parents, guardians and caregivers to be mindful of the company they keep them, especially around their children, even if those people are close to them.

Commenting on this Traumatologist Haniff Benjamin says that adult’s irresponsibility in protecting children is nothing new.

He told News Power Now this morning that it’s a dangerous trend that has led to dire consequences.

He maintained the necessity in not only helping children through these traumatic events, but also teaching parents how to protect their children.