HAKKA closing Woodbrook restaurant

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HAKKA closing Woodbrook restaurant

The HAKKA Restaurant and Bar located at Taylor Street in Woodbrook is closing its doors.

This according to a statement issued by HAKKA on its Facebook pages.

The owners of the restaurant, known for its fusion of Chinese and Indian dishes, said that it will be evolving in a way to reach even more people with its sumptuous cuisine.

In the release, HAKKA said: On February 3rd, 2010, we opened the doors of HAKKA Restaurant & Bar — the first to introduce mind-blowing Indian-style Hakka Chinese cuisine to T&T. Since then, we have spread the magic of HAKKA across the country through our Express restaurants. The Expresses offer popular items from the flagship restaurant in convenient combos for those on the go. Many other popular dishes can only be purchased at the main restaurant… until now!!!

Today we close the chapter on HAKKA Restaurant & Bar and we begin the journey to expand our menu across T&T.

Commencing this month, we will start rolling out a new à la carte menu in all Express locations.

For those who enjoyed wining and dining in the ambience of our fabulous HAKKA Restaurant… you won’t be disappointed for we have also embarked on a new venture that would provide just that. In the upcoming months, we will open new doors to a modern restaurant concept, which will be conveniently located at Brentwood Mall in Chaguanas Brentwood Mall. This amazing indoor and outdoor dining experience will, of course, be made available when COVID restrictions have been lifted.

Today, we say goodbye to our beloved “mother ship” and we wish to thank ALL of our dear guests who have supported us through the years. This is not the end but, rather, a new beginning for us all to share. We are extremely excited to have you join us on this journey. We are happy to be taking even greater strides in continuing to build our legacy of offering the HAKKA magic, in convenient locations, across our nation.

We invite you to follow our HAKKA Express page, so you can keep up with all the excitement that lies ahead.

We love you all and we cannot wait to see you soon at a HAKKA Express restaurant near you.