Hairdresser blamed for setting fire to Downtown POS building

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Hairdresser blamed for setting fire to Downtown POS building

A 41-year-old hairdresser is said to be responsible for the fire in downtown Port of Spain on Tuesday, which has left several persons homeless.

The blaze occurred shortly before 2pm on Tuesday afternoon at a “commercial building”, on the corner of George Street and Independence Square, Port of Spain.

However, prior to the fire alert, officers of the Besson Street Police station were called in around 1.15 pm after the building’s landlord reported being attacked by the woman.

Reports state the hairdresser got into an argument with the landlord, after her salon at the building was burgled on Monday night.

The hairdresser is said to have demanded the landlord replace the stolen items. But, when the landlord refused, the hairdresser allegedly physically assaulted her before setting the building on fire.

The hairdresser is now in custody while the landlord was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital for treatment.

At least eight apartments in the building were affected.

Acting Chief Fire Officer Marlon Smith said they intend to launch an investigation into the conditions at the building, as a sign at the entrance stated that it is a commercial building, yet residents were inside.