Guyana Enters Oil Production Industry

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Guyana Enters Oil Production Industry

Dr. Marck Bynoe, Director of the Department of Energy, says that as Guyana will prepare for oil production in early 2020, all systems must be in place to ensure that operational practices are carried out to safeguard the environment.

On Monday, key government agencies and stakeholders in the oil and gas sector participated in an Enhancing Offshore E&P Regional Capacity; Operational and Environmental Safeguards Conference.

The purpose of the conference was to expand and encourage dialogue among stakeholders “in promoting best operational practices to safeguard the environment of the common territorial waters of the Caribbean with active offshore E&P programmes.”

“While there are both international and national regulations regarding best practices, many of the risks the oil companies face are site-specific requiring detailed background research and precautionary measures that cannot be solved using a generalized framework,” said Bynoe.

He explained that it was in this context that the need to address these concerns that oil and gas companies must develop and inculcate a risk management system and operational practices which minimizing harmful environmental impacts.

The conference seeks to highlight regional capabilities in the unlikely event of an oil spill.

Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Dr. Vincent Adams noted that the conference presented the opportunity to discuss the environment and the oil and gas sector. 

According to Adams, every barrel of oil has a safety component, noting that this is something that is often overlooked.

During two days, the delegates will be exposed and engaged in discussions mitigating the risks of oil response, training to maintain competency in oil well control, international guidance in planning an emergency response for subsea oil spill among other topics.