Gunmen spare 7 month old baby after shooting parents to death

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Gunmen spare 7 month old baby after shooting parents to death

The life of a seven-month-old baby was miraculously spared by gunmen who brutally murdered the baby’s parents.

According to relatives Korey Clarke and his wife Samantha Patrick, both 30, were at their Aboud Circular, St James home around midnight on Wednesday when two gunmen forced their way inside and shot the couple as they lay in bed.

Reports state thee baby’s life was spared also due to the actions of the parents who were said to have used their bodies to shield their daughter who was also lying on the bed.

After shooting the couple multiple times, the gunmen left, leaving the screaming baby unharmed.

Speaking from his Aboud Circular church this morning the baby girl’s grandfather told the media that he was thankful that his granddaughter survived the attack.

Clarke said he got a call shortly before the shooting from a neighbour who had seen the gunmen walking around his son’s home.

He said the murders have shaken the family and the community as his son was well-known by residents.

Clarke said his son operated a parlour in the neighbourhood and sometimes received Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) contracts for construction projects.

Clarke said his son and Patrick were a couple since they were in secondary school.

No arrests have been made yet but investigations are continuing.