Gunman hides in drain to shoot couple

Gunman hides in drain to shoot couple

A couple is lucky to have survived a shooting in Point Fortin on Friday.

Around 10:20pm, 33-year old Nikeisha Henry and 23-year old Fred Simon were sitting in the yard to Henry’s Third Street home when they heard several loud explosions.

Henry said she felt a burning feeling on her left hip and when she looked down at her leg, she realized she was bleeding.

Simon was shot in the chest and he fell to the ground when he felt the bullet.

Henry called out to a relative who called the ambulance.

She was taken to the Point Fortin Hospital to be treated for an injury to her inner calf.

Simon, however, was rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital to be treated for a punctured lung.

He remains warded in a serious condition.

An eye witness told investigators that a man was seen in a drain before he opened fire on the victims.

Investigations are continuing.