Gucci Mane artiste comes out as transgender


Gucci Mane artiste comes out as transgender

Former convict, rap star Gucci Mane has a host of young artistes signed to his label, which he formed in 2007, Icey Entertainment.

While some are still underground, some have been locked up and now one is coming out as transgender.

Icey Entertainment artistes are, Gucci Mane, Foogiano, Pooh Shiesty (In jail), BigWalkDog, BiC Fizzle, Li Rye and Lil Wop (transgender).

Many have called out Gucci Mane for not helping his artistes music career get big like his.

However Lil Wop who has been making headlines for his recent IG stunts have taped himself dressed in women clothing, and wigs with makeup, asking fans to follow his OnlyFans account.