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Griffith said focus should not only be on uniting parties, but uniting the nation

Gary Griffith’s National Transformation Alliance (NTA) is open to a collaboration with the United National Congress.

This follows the UNC leader’s confirmation that the UNC had been holding discussions with other groups and that at least two smaller parties have approached the UNC.

Speaking during the UNC’s Monday Night Report, Kamla Persad-Bissessar said some of her senior members had begun discussions with the other parties.

“If we can come to an agreement in time for this Local Government election, we’ll fight as a united force,” she said.

NTA leader Griffith did not confirm having any talks with the UNC as yet, but said generally, “Mr ‘Landate’ has done so much to destroy and divide this great country. We have seen too much hatred, division, victimisation and intimidation in the last eight years. Let the focus not be seen as simply uniting of parties. Let the common goals be that of uniting the nation—it starts now.”

Griffith stated that the country has seen too much hatred, division, victimization and intimidation over the last eight years. 

Griffith was Persad-Bissessar’s national security adviser in 2010 and later National Security Minister in her UNC/PP government.

The NTA has been campaigning in the East-West corridor, Point Fortin and other areas since early 2023.