Griffith: Rowley was right on Cummings but hypocritical

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Griffith: Rowley was right on Cummings but hypocritical

Former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was right not to act based on the contents of a Special Branch Report involving Senator Foster Cummings.

However, he also says the Prime Minister’s decision is hypocritical.

Speaking at yesterday’s Post Cabinet media briefing, Dr Rowley noted that the contents of Special branch reports are “unconfirmed and uninvestigated”.

He suggested that acting therefore, on information in the report, is unfair to the subject of the report as it is not evidence but rather allegations and hearsay.

Mr Griffith, who is also a former National Security Minister, said that Dr Rowley was accurate in his characterization of the information in Special Branch reports.

He told News Power Now that as a result, Dr Rowley was indeed correct not to take any punitive action against Senator Cummings based on the information in the report.

The former Police Commissioner however described Dr Rowley’s stance as hypocritical.

He called on Dr Rowley to explain his decision to go to the President with a report regarding the Police Commissioner’s behaviour and the operations of the TTPS despite the report lacking evidence.