Griffith responds to PM’s rejection of his offer to meet on anti-crime initiatives

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Griffith responds to PM’s rejection of his offer to meet on anti-crime initiatives

National Transformation Alliance leader and former police commissioner Gary Griffith, said the Prime Minister’s decision to blank his offer to meet and have anti-crime talks is a rejection of all citizens.

In Parliament on Wednesday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was asked by Naparima MP Rodney Charles, whether he would consider Griffith’s recent request to meet with him and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar on crime.

Rowley replied by stating that he had good reason not to meet with Griffith.

He said: “As chairman of the National Security Council of Trinidad and Tobago, I have very good reasons not to meet with Gary Griffith under any circumstances. And in so far as meeting with the Opposition is concerned, I meet with them all the time in this chamber in front of you, Madame Speaker, and they have obstructed every single attempt we made to fight crime in this country.”

Griffith, in an audio response posted to his social media page, he said the Prime Minister did not just reject him but also the citizens who were in support of his proposal. He said those who couldn’t care about party cards or affiliation, and who insisted that something be done, were rejected.

“Our nation is at its darkest over with record number of murders and a scourge of criminality that appears out of the control of the powers that be and at a time where we should encourage all hands on deck,” he said.

“The call from the people and offers of support were wrongly rejected. This has sent a clear message to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, that their voices are not valued and will be rejected.”

LISTEN to Griffith’s full statement here: