Griffith renews call for legalization of pepper spray

Griffith renews call for legalization of pepper spray

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is adamant that the use of pepper spray will prevent kidnappings and assaults.

The top cop renewed his call for the use of the spray on Monday afternoon, while speaking at a community town meeting at the New Grant Primary School.

He said Government needs to consider the regulation and legalization of pepper spray as a form of personal protection, particularly for women.

Griffith said: “Pepper spray has proven to be effective for tens of thousands of women around the world and their lives have been saved because pepper spray gives you a fighting chance to escape and that is sometimes all that people need- a chance to escape.”

“I did the research in dozens of countries and there are avenues that can be used to regulate pepper spray to allow citizens to protect themselves. That will help me to protect you.”

Griffith was at the community meeting to answer concerns over the repurposing of the St Mary’s Police Post and the Tableland Police Station.
However, he assured that services will remain unchanged and the stations will remain open.