Griffith raises concerns about possible SSA sleeper cells in T&T

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Griffith raises concerns about possible SSA sleeper cells in T&T

Less than one week after Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, delivered a shocking statement on the SSA in Parliament last Wednesday regarding the unauthorized purchases of large amounts of arms and ammunition, and an implied plan to overthrow the executive, National Transformation Alliance (NTA) political leader Gary Griffith has raised concerns about the possible existence of sleeper cells in the Strategic Services Agency (SSA).

Griffith responded to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s statement on the SSA in Parliament last Wednesday, calling it a red herring but raiding questions about possible SSA sleeper cells. Griffith added: “Cumuto Barracks was under the Special Anti-Crime Unit when the PNM Government took over. They handed over Cumuto Barracks to the SSA. By doing that hundreds and thousands of rounds (of ammunition) … the SSA became the custodian for this ammunition, they became the custodian for hundreds of weapons that belonged to the Defence Force and the police.”

The Prime Minister in a statement to Parliament and the nation that the SSA had been compromised with the establishment of a militarised operational unit and had been infiltrated by a religious cult that wanted to replace the country’s political leadership.

Dr. Rowley also said the audit into the SSA showed the agency purchased high-grade military bolt-action rifles complete with silencers and other accessories, as well as an increased amount of ammunition.

In response to the PM’s assertions about the questionable hiring practices and processes at the SSA, Griffith claimed that out of the 23 people fired from the SSA, only two were highly involved in the church and all of them had passed polygraph tests.