TTPS observing more people outside during SoE

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TTPS observing more people outside during SoE

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is urging citizens to stay indoors and not hit the streets on a daily basis.

He said that since the State of Emergency was implemented, the TTPS has observed that more citizens have been leaving their homes during the non-curfew hours.

Griffith, in an interview with GML, said “That is totally going to defeat the value and the purpose of the State of Emergency, because having a virtual ghost town during the night and then persons are then coming out en masse during the day, it means that the same concerns that we have about the virus spreading will just be intensified during the day period.”

He said “you should only be out if it is you are providing an essential service as an employee or you are going out to acquire the products from an essential service.”

Griffith stated that in light of this, the police will be intensifying patrols and visibility, through possible roadblocks and other things, and they will be increasing their spot checks at banks, supermarkets and pharmacies to ensure that the public health guidelines are being adhered to..