Griffith launches political party – National Transformation Alliance

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Griffith launches political party – National Transformation Alliance

It’s now official. After threats to start his own political party, former commissioner of police Gary Griffith has done it and has announced the formation of his National Transformation Alliance (NTA).

A video post to social media on Saturday, Griffith stated that, “A key constant in my life is that of service to my country and my people,” Griffith says in the introduction.

“Being of service has always been a bridge to the light for me and after engaging in numerous conversations, listening to many perspectives and reading your countless contributions, I am, more than ever, committed to the mission of improving our country through transformation and continued national service this time through the National Transformation Alliance, the NTA,” Griffith said.

“Our country has noble, progressive visionary, hard-working citizens who desire to fulfil our motto, together we aspire, together we achieve, therefore I invite every citizen of T&T to register your interest and desire to assemble under the banner of the NTA,” he said.

Griffith said, “For those who share similar views that our nation requires immediate and urgent transformation, this is your bridge to that lighthouse,” he said, showcasing the party’s symbol, a lighthouse over an obscure image of people holding hands.

Persons interested in registering with the newly formed party are asked to contact Griffith via 482-GARY and 483-GARY.