Griffith: Harewood-Christopher had the worst 100 day start as CoP in TT history

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Griffith: Harewood-Christopher had the worst 100 day start as CoP in TT history

Former Police Commissioner and political leader of the National Transformation Alliance, (NTA) Gary Griffith, said current CoP, Erla Harewood-Christopher has joined the less than distinguished company of McDonald Jacob who gave himself a B plus rating.

He made the statements after Harewood-Christopher gave herself an excellent rating after just a few months on the job.

Griffith said by making that statement, she also joined the ranks of PM Keith Rowley and Fitzgerald Hinds, who might be the only two persons on the planet who think that Hinds is doing a good job as Minister of National Security.

In a social media post, Griffith added: “Being the TTPS head with the worst 100 day start in the history of our country, Christopher’s view is not only delusional, it is dangerous, as it has the potential to undermine public trust and confidence in the TTPS, because citizens will be forced to think that Erla is living in an alternate reality, and that she can’t fix a problem that she is unable, or unwilling to even admit to.”

“And to be clear, the only opinions that matter when it comes to an assessment of a Commissioner of Police is that of the Police Service Commission and more so that of citizens. Which is why when I was asked a similar question during my tenure as Commissioner of Police, I responded, “I’m Never Satisfied.”

Griffith said: “I did so because my nature is to always want to do and be better, and because I know that my opinion of myself doesn’t really matter, because ultimately leadership will be judged by the people you serve, not by politicians who allowed you to give an oral report on a matter with international implications, and who gave you a one year contract extension, despite not demonstrating any ability to do the job you took an oath to do, which is to protect and serve all citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.”