Griffith: FUL’s issued to law enforcement officials until Rowley and Hinds interfered

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Griffith: FUL’s issued to law enforcement officials until Rowley and Hinds interfered

The National Transformation Alliance is echoing the call of Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar for personal firearms to be made available to Law Enforcement Officials.

In a media release NTA Political Leader Gary Griffith said the Opposition leader’s call aligns with the position taken by him when he was Commissioner of Police, where almost half of the FULs (Firearm User’s License) issued during his tenure were for past and present members of the Protective Services, constituting just 3000 of the 15,000 personnel in the protective services.

He said in his first year alone, almost 1000 FULs were issued to Law Enforcement Officials. However, he said after his departure, “ A virtual stop occurred, possibly influenced by political motives, as both Rowley and Hinds seem to have an agenda against the issuance of legal firearms.” Griffith said this “stance” continues to prioritize the well-being of criminals over that of law-abiding citizens.

He said, the public should question why the Rowley-led government opposes Law Enforcement Officials having firearms, especially since none were lost, stolen, or involved in criminal activities during his tenure.

“ Very soon, citizens will have to decide which position they prefer—one that caters only to elites and their associates, or one that recognizes the importance of providing legally issued firearms to those Law Enforcement Officials, as well as citizens who request a firearm to protect themselves, their families and their assets.”

He said recognising the danger they and their families face and guided by the principle that law enforcement officers already have the requisite skills and training for the use of firearms in their everyday duties, it is wrong to ask them to be left vulnerable to criminals they interact with every day, as after they leave work, they can become the target of these same criminals at any second in the day or night.

“ The public and all members of the Protective Services should, however, know that as soon as this Keith Rowley-led government is out of office, the NTA Political Leader gives the assurance that the process will be resumed to ensure that all Law Enforcement Officials will have the capacity to have their own firearms.”