Griffith: Erla’s timeline to reduce murders by June optimistic but not realistic

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Griffith: Erla’s timeline to reduce murders by June optimistic but not realistic

Former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith does not believe that it is possible for new Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher to fulfil her promise to reduce murders in three months.

In her first appearance before the Joint Select Committee on Monday, Harewood-Christopher boldly declared that the nation could see a reduction in major crime by June.

However, Griffith said the timeline would have “boxed in” the CoP.

In a GML interview, Griffith said, “In any business, if you have a timeline, there has to be a reason why it is that you have come to that timeline.”

He questioned if it was purely coincidental that Harewood-Christopher had decided on June–which would be just one month after she reaches the retirement age of 60.

“Why June? Why not September? Why not March? What is it that you have, what information does she have to give her that expectation that this will happen?” Griffith asked.

Griffith admitted it took him a year into his term before he witnessed a reduction in the homicide rate at that time.

“You do not know what is the pattern that will take place in terms of the criminal activities of gangs if there is going to be some operational plan to prevent illegal firearms from coming into the country because it may very well escalate due to poor policies by this Government, things that are out of her control. If it goes like that, she will be boxed in by the timeline given.”

He said her timeline was a “bold statement” which spoke to being more of “an optimistic view rather than a practical one.”
However, Griffith said he was hoping that she can achieve the mandate set out.