Griffith commends officers in 2020 Christmas Message

Griffith commends officers in 2020 Christmas Message

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has commended his officers for their work during this very challenging 2020.

In his Christmas address, Griffith said that 2020 will go down in history as one of the most memorable and challenging years in recent history.
However, he said what he will remember, are the men and woman who rose to these challenges and were unwavering in their dedication to duty.

He said that TT had an average 25 % reduction in crime and over 140 less murders this year than last year. And, he attributed this reduction to the great work the officers did during these challenging times.

Griffith added that in the midst of pandemic duty, officers were faced with coordinated attempts to destablise our national security, policing lifestyles, migrant issues, challenges to manpower and more.